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Freezers, Laboratory

Definition : Freezers designed to store laboratory products and samples. These freezers are usually made with a corrosion-resistant (typically stainless steel) interior, minimizing the risk of adulteration, contamination, and/or corrosion of contents; automatic defrost capability; and sensors, controls, monitors, recorders, and alarms for dependable long-term storage. Laboratory freezers are typically available in three different temperature ranges: standard, from 0 to -20 or -30 degrees Celsius (32 to -4 or -22 degrees Fahrenheit); ultralow, from -40 to -90 degrees Celsius (-40 to -130 degrees Fahrenheit); and cryogenic, reaching temperatures of -130 degrees Celsius (-192 degrees Fahrenheit) or lower. Programmed (e.g., linear rate) or manual control of the freezing rate is possible in most laboratory freezers; some freezers are designed for flammable materials and/or include explosion-proof capabilities. A wide variety of capacity and freezer configurations are available, including upright, undercounter, and walk-in models.

Entry Terms : "Clinical Laboratory Freezers" , "Laboratory Freezers" , "Freezers, Linear Rate"

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