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Definition : Furniture consisting of enclosed repositories typically with doors and that may include shelves, drawers, and/or compartments. This furniture is available in free-standing, wall-mounted, wall-recessed, and under- or over-the-counter mounted configurations. Cabinets may include small (e.g., one- or two-inch diameter) wheels to facilitate their positioning and/or some means for control of the internal temperature, air circulation, and/or humidity (e.g., desiccation). Cabinets are used in healthcare facilities to display and store medical devices, drugs, and utensils and to facilitate the performance of medical and/or associated treatments and/or procedures (e.g., anesthesia, endoscopy, laboratory) but not to perform treatments inside the enclosure. Cabinets are also used to store food, chemicals, ancillary material, supplies, and miscellaneous materials; some other cabinets are intended to file documents such as medical and/or administrative records and cards.

Entry Terms : "Dollies" , "Containers"

UMDC code : 10526


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