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Detectors, Air Bubble/Foam, Heart-Lung Bypass Unit

Definition : Detectors designed to discover air foam and/or bubbles in the blood that is returned to the body (usually through the aorta) from a heart-lung bypass unit. These devices may detect the air bubbles (an also foam) using either ultrasonic sensors that detect changes in acoustic density or less frequently photoelectric sensors that detect infrared light by a photocell when a bubble is passing, otherwise the light is interrupted by the blood flow. The detectors usually consist of a control unit and a sensor; they usually trigger alarms and activate automated mechanisms to turn off the blood flow when a bubble occurs. One-way valves and filters are also included in heart-lung bypass units to prevent infusion of large amounts of air.

Entry Terms : "Air Bubble Detectors, Heart-Lung Bypass Unit" , "Heart-Lung Bypass Unit Air Detectors"

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Vitalcor Inc

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vitactor,Inc.is a supplier of medical devices used primaliry in cardio-thoracic surgery.since 1975,vitalcor has provided products that take input from teaching and practicing surgeons to make their practice easier.

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