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Waste Receptacles

Definition : Containers designed for the collection and storage of waste materials. These receptacles typically consist of a metal or hard plastic reusable or disposable structure, frequently with a disposable (e.g., paper, plastic) liner appropriate for the waste material; the receptacles usually have separate or attached (e.g., hinged) covers; they are frequently available in several colors (e.g., red, blue, yellow) and/or include labels (e.g., biohazardous, infectious, radioactive, cytotoxic) to identify their intended contents. Dedicated waste receptacles are available for general hospital use (i.e., noncontaminated trash) and also for contaminated materials such as cytotoxic, radioactive, and biohazardous waste. Waste receptacles are not intended for the final disposal of waste or the transformation of hazardous waste into safe products.

Entry Terms : "Receptacles" , "Sponge Receptacles"

UMDC code : 14424

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