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Waste-Disposal Units

Definition : Equipment designed for the safe collection, storage, transformation, and/or disposal of hazardous waste material. These units may consist of a hard plastic or metal structure with a mechanism to transform hazardous materials into nonhazardous products (e.g., glass crushing devices); devices intended for the storage of products (e.g., radioactive materials) until they become safe; devices that directly dispose of the hazardous material (mainly used for liquid disposal); and/or special units that include accessories to mitigate risks posed by the enclosed hazardous products (e.g., sharps). These units are usually leakproof and sealed, and the complete unit may be intended for disposal. Waste disposal units are used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities to facilitate and/or perform waste disposal, decreasing the risks of contamination for patients and staff. Dedicated units intended for sharps, glass crushing, liquid waste, and radioactive materials are available.

Entry Terms : "Containers"

UMDC code : 14421

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