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Washer/Sterilizing Units

Definition : Equipment designed for automatic or semiautomatic washing (i.e., elimination dirt and/or stains), removing organic debris (e.g., blood, fat, bone), and killing all microorganisms, including spore-forming bacteria (except in very high numbers), providing high-level, nearly sterile disinfection. Using a cycle of operations that includes water prewash, enzyme treatment, detergent wash, heated rinse, and sterilization (usually by steam or germicide), the process may also mechanically remove contaminants using water jets. Washer/sterilization units are used in the central supply area of a healthcare facility; dedicated devices are available to process clinical instruments and instrument carts.

Entry Terms : "Washer/Sterilizers" , "Sterilizing Units, Flash" , "Flash Sterilizing Units" , "Washers, Sterilizer"

UMDC code : 14413

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