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Tubes, Rebreathing

Definition : Tubes designed to increase the carbon dioxide content in the patient's breathing by partially feeding back his or her own exhaled air (i.e., rebreathing). These devices typically consist of a tube that can adjust the proportion of normal/rebreathing air in the patient's breath. Rebreathing tubes stimulate hyperventilation; they are intended to reduce respiratory complications, such as incomplete expansion of the lungs (atelectasis) and posterior pneumonia, especially after surgery. Small portable rebreathing devices that include several internal interconnected chambers are also available.

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Anesthesia Assoc Inc (AincA)

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Founded in 1958, Anesthesia Associates, Inc. (AincA) is a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of durable reusable FDA Class 1 and 2 devices for anesthesia and respiratory care professionals. Our primary facility is located in north San Diego County, where raw materials and components are converted into finished medical products for our customers through manufacturing, assembly, testing, and packaging. Sales are generated through Distributors or Dealers supported by our internal staff. End users (practitioners and institutions) purchase our products from a selected Distributor or Dealer that is convenient to their location and can supply them the necessary on-site support.

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