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Definition : Sharp instruments designed to puncture the wall of body cavities, typically for the purpose of draining fluid or to allow other instruments to access the target cavity. These instruments typically consist of a manual, handheld device with a sharp pyramidal (e.g., three sided) or conical strong and solid pointed rod and a proximal large handle. Many trocars include the tube or sheath as part of the instrument set. Trocars are usually fitted into a cannula, tube, or sleeve; the trocar is used to pierce the skin and the wall of a body cavity or canal (e.g., percutaneously) and then it is usually removed, leaving only the cannula or sleeve in place. Trocars are intended to provide access to body cavities, to aspirate fluids, to instill a medication or solution, or to guide the placement of a cannula, tube, or sleeve (i.e., a hollow sheath) used for diagnostic, therapeutic, and/or surgical procedures. Dedicated trocars are also used in laparoscopic surgery to provide access for introduction of devices such as surgical instruments and video cameras. Both reusable and single-patient-use trocars are available.

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