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Suction Tips

Definition : Devices designed for the rapid removal of bulk matter (e.g., vomitus, mucus, debris) from natural or surgical cavities. These tips are usually transparent, short, wide, rigid tubes (either straight or bent) with an integral handle for easy manipulation; the tip is attached to the distal end of suction hoses or tubes that are in turn connected to high-level suction aspirators. Suction tips are used mainly in the upper respiratory tract (nasal cavity and pharynx) and during surgical procedures when suctioning speed rather than control is needed; both reusable and plastic tips are available. Dedicated suction tips are also available for particular procedures performed in the ear, nose, pharynx, and other natural or surgically created cavities. Other hollow-shaft devices such as suction tubes with integral tips, cannulae, curettes, and catheters are also used for suctioning when attached to appropriate aspirators.

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