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Definition : Very thin metallic wires or flexible rods which are inserted into the cavity of a hollow cylindrical device, such as a scope, needle, catheter, cannula, or a tube, usually to ease introduction into the body by providing rigidity and/or to keep the cylinder patent. The stiffness provided by the stylet makes the device easier to insert, advance, and/or position the otherwise soft hollow devices into the body (e.g., intubation, peritoneum access) or through a natural duct (e.g., in a vein or artery). Stylets may be extracted after the hollow device is placed or kept in the lumen to stiffen and/or maintain the shape of the structure; some stylets are used to clear (i.e., keep the patency of) a tube. Dedicated stylets are available for use with a variety of catheters, tubes, cannulae, and/or needles.

Entry Terms : "Wires, Stylet"

UMDC code : 13833

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