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Sterilizing Units, Steam

Definition : Sterilizing units designed for total inactivation of microorganisms that are or may be present on medical devices that are not sensitive to high temperature, water, or steam using pressurized steam (i.e., to provide moist heat). These units usually include a treatment chamber with shelves on which the devices to be sterilized are placed, usually after being cleaned of gross debris and then packed; means to introduce the steam into the chamber; and controls to regulate the time and/or temperature of the procedure. Frequently the time and temperature of the sterilizing cycles are pre-established according the type of device to be sterilized; typical sterilization temperature range is 121 to 135 degrees Celsius (250 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit). After the sterilization cycle is complete, the steam is exhausted. Sterilizing units are available in a variety of shapes and sizes; dedicated large stand-alone units intended for bulk sterilization and smaller tabletop models are available.

Entry Terms : "Steam Sterilizers" , "Washers, Rigid Endoscope" , "Sterilizers, Steam" , "Steam Autoclaves" , "Autoclaves"

UMDC code : 13746


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