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Definition : Instruments designed to cut objects, materials, and/or tissues using two metallic (e.g., stainless steel) blades with sharp edges that slide past each other (i.e., shearing action). The blades are usually attached to handles with the proximal end conformed as a ring to facilitate holding and operation with the fingers; both parts are joined by a swivel pin in the center. Squeezing the two handles together and then pulling them apart causes the cutting edges to cut the material placed between the blades. Some scissors intended for delicate surgical procedures (e.g., ophthalmology, neurosurgery, microsurgery) have flat handles and frequently flat springs, providing a more uniform and/or sensitive manipulation. High-quality scissors are often manufactured using tungsten carbide blades to increase precision and durability; scissors intended to facilitate smooth tissue cutting with a razor-sharp edge (super-cut blade) are also available. Dedicated scissors are clinically used to cut materials (e.g., bandages, dressings, sutures), tissues during surgical (e.g., ophthalmic, plastic, obstetric), dental, and postmortem (e.g., autopsy, dissection) procedures, and also for grooming and hygienic purposes (e.g., to cut the fingernails).

Entry Terms : "Shears" , "Pediatric Scissors" , "Scissors, Pediatric"

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