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Radiographic Units

Definition : Units that include an x-ray source to irradiate the portion of the patient to be examined, and an image receptor that converts in some form of latent image the array of x-rays that were differentially attenuated within the patient. This latent image is converted, usually in another device (e.g., a film image processor), into a visible image (i.e., a radiograph) reflecting the internal structure of the irradiated patient region. The interpretation of these images by a physician contributes to a clinically useful diagnosis. Radiographic units do not include patient supports (e.g. tables) or any other additional devices for image processing or transference (e.g., computerized processors).

Entry Terms : "Radiographic Units, Skeletal" , "Xeroradiographic Devices" , "X-Ray Units"

UMDC code : 13267

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