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Prostheses, Joint, Wrist

Definition : Implantable prostheses designed for partial or total replacement of the wrist joint. Partial wrist prostheses may have one or several components. The carpal (distal) component typically has two metal stems that are inserted into the hollow carpal and metacarpal bone marrow cavities, respectively; the opposite metal-ball-shaped end fits into the socket at the end of the radius. The radial component typically consists of a flat metal device with a long stem at one end that is anchored in the hollow center of the distal end of the radius; a very hard, slick plastic cup at the other end forms a socket for the wrist joint. The radial component is almost exclusively used in combination with the carpal component to form a total wrist prosthesis. Both components are usually metal, with a high-density, tough, slick plastic (e.g., polyethylene) spacer between them. Less frequently, a prosthesis with a single, across-the-joint component (usually made of a silicone elastomer) is used. Wrist joint prostheses are used to stop bones from rubbing against each other; they may restore wrist motion and/or strength in patients who suffer from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, as well as after trauma (e.g., fracture). Dedicated wrist joint prostheses intended to replace only the carpal lunate, scaphoid, or trapezium bone are also available.

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