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Prostheses, Joint

Definition : Implantable prostheses designed for total or partial replacement of a joint. These prostheses typically consist of two or more articulated components; they are usually made of metal (e.g., cobalt-chromium alloys), hard plastics (e.g., polyethylene), or a combination of materials. Many joint prostheses include a component that resembles a ball and another that includes a socket. Some joint prostheses components may be used alone as a partial prosthesis; a total prosthesis usually includes all the components to permit complete replacement of the joint. Joint prostheses are implanted to replace articulations such as the knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, and elbow; they are used mainly in patients who suffer from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, as well as after trauma.

Entry Terms : "Orthopedic Prostheses" , "Joint Prostheses, Implantable" , "Joint Implants"

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