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Definition : Instruments designed to measure the pressure of liquids, gases, and/or vapors. These instruments may use a variety of mechanical and/or, electromechanical techniques, such as U-shaped columns of liquid (e.g., mercury, alcohol), compressed air, and variations in electrical resistance; they frequently include hoses or tubes from the point of measurement to the instrument. Electronic manometers consisting of a pressure transducer, a power supply, and a signal processor with a display (usually digital) are also available. Dedicated manometers with particular sensors and/or that are designed for specific physiologic measurements such as blood pressure (i.e., sphygmomanometers), intracranial pressure, gastrointestinal (e.g., esophageal, rectal) pressure, and compartmental pressure are also available; manometers are also used during medical device inspection and calibration procedures.

Entry Terms : "Pressure Measuring Units" , "Pressure Meters, Digital" , "OR Monitors" , "Operating Room Monitors"

UMDC code : 13102

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