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Contraceptive Diaphragms

Definition : Reusable contraceptive devices that are inserted intra-vaginally against a woman's cervix to provide a physical barrier. This barrier is designed to prevent sperm from gaining access to the female reproductive tract. The contraceptive diaphragm is made of soft latex or silicone and is shaped as a shallow dome or a cup with a flexible spring molded into the rim, which seals the diaphragm against the cervix or the vaginal walls. Diaphragms are made in various circumferences, usually ranging from 60 mm to 90 mm.

Entry Terms : "Intracervical Devices" , "Pessaries, Occlusive" , "Pessaries, Diaphragm" , "Vaginal Contraceptives" , "Contraceptive Devices" , "Vaginal Diaphragms" , "Diaphragm Pessaries" , "Diaphragms, Contraceptive"

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