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Pressure Relief Pads, Mud

Definition : Cushioning pads filled with mud that are designed to reduce pressure on specific areas of the body. These pads consist of a sealed plastic (e.g., vinyl) enclosure filled with a semi-liquid mixture of water and refined earth; the enclosure may include a valve to fill and/or refill the pad. Dedicated mud-filled pressure relief pads may be conformed in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are mainly used to distribute localized pressure to larger body areas or to shift the body weight to a different position, especially to prevent or alleviate pressure sores. The pads may be used on top of chairs, wheelchairs, and beds.

Entry Terms : "Mud Pressure Pads" , "Pressure Pads, Mud"

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Crest Healthcare Supply

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Crest Healthcare Supply is a trusted partner to Hospitals and Long Term Care facilities that has delivered knowledgeable customer support and reliable products for over forty years. Crest was founded in 1967 when Howard Page, the original owner, purchased rights to a nurse call system owned by IBM.

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