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Ear Candles
Ear Muffs
Ear Piercing Instruments
Ear Wicks
Ear/Nose/Throat Treatment Units
Electric Signal Amplifiers, Audio
Electric Signal Amplifiers, Audio, Speech
Electrode Shielding Systems, Electrosurgical, Active
Electrodes, Electrosurgical, Active, Foot-Controlled
Electrodes, Electrosurgical, Active, Foot-Controlled, Smoke Evacuation
Electrodes, Electrosurgical, Active, Hand-Controlled
Electrodes, Electrosurgical, Active, Hand-Controlled, Smoke Evacuation
Electrodes, Electrosurgical, Return
Electrodes, Neurologic, Electroencephalography, Nasopharyngeal
Elevators, Dental
Elevators, Ear/Nose/Throat
Endoscope Sheaths
Endoscopes, Gastrointestinal Tract, Upper Tract
Endoscopes, Gastrointestinal Tract, Upper Tract, Single Balloon
Endoscopes, Respiratory Tract
Endoscopic Telescopes
Excavators, Endaural
Exploratory Probes, Microlaryngeal
Exploratory Probes, Nasal Sinus

When it’s time to change
As time goes on, equipment ages and technology advances, edging systems age just like our cars and cell phones. When the time comes to replace your in-office edging machine many, there are factors to consider including costs, ROI, production demand and many more. This article will discuss what to consider in order to make a smart decision on a new edging system.
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