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Traps, Mucus

Definition : Traps designed to collect mucus overflow (i.e., mucus traps) from the first mucus collection canister used in aspirators (e.g., surgical, uterine) that are intended to collect tissue secretions, blood, irrigation fluids, and debris from the body. These traps typically consist of disposable or more, frequently, reusable bottles or canisters (that may include a disposable bag liner). Mucus traps are typically used as a second container in series with a first mucus canister or bottle between the operating field or other anatomic site (e.g., the uterus) and the suction source; mucus traps often include an overflow protection (e.g., floating) mechanism in the cap to prevent aspirates from entering the aspirator pump or valves and/or to contaminating the environment. Some traps also include bacteria filters. Mucus traps are used to postpone the need to discard the first mucus canister, giving the operator additional time to notice the rising level of aspirates and/or automatically cut off suction.

Entry Terms : "Traps, Aspirator" , "Mucus Traps" , "Collectors, Aspiration" , "Aspiration Collectors"

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