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Tongs, Skull

Definition : Tongs designed to perform traction on the cervical spine by applying an upward force to the skull that causes a hyperextension of the head and neck. These devices are typically a two-arm pivoted instrument that is attached to the skull using pins (either partially implanted or not); the proximal end includes a mechanism (e.g., an adjustable threaded bolt and nut) for the application of the traction force. Some devices include straps that allow the connection of the tong to an external traction unit that usually includes a cable, a pulley, and a set of weights. Skull traction tongs are used in orthopedic surgery procedures for fractured spines; tongs attached to external traction units are used in the management and/or treatment of cervical spinal column damages (e.g., to avoid further spinal cord injury) caused by trauma (e.g., fractures) or diseases.

UMDC code : 14064

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