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Timers, Gas Flow

Definition : Timers designed to measure the duration of the circulation of compressed gases delivered at a fixed pressure through a section of a conduit or pipe. These timers are usually electrical or electronic time-measuring instruments with input and output ports for the measured gas and an analog or digital display that shows elapsed time in discrete intervals (e.g., 0.10 hour) up to several hours. Clinical gas-flow timers are intended mainly to measure the duration of respiratory gas (e.g., compressed air, oxygen) delivery during an emergency, chronic pulmonary illness, or tests; some timers are combined with gas flowmeters.

Entry Terms : "Compressed Oxygen Flow Timers" , "Timers, Flow" , "Gas Flow Timers" , "Compressed Air Flow Timers" , "Flow Timers" , "Timers, Oxygen" , "Oxygen Flow Timers"

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