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Testicle Implants

Definition : Implantable devices designed for cosmetic testicle reconstruction and/or augmentation. These implants typically consist of a solid elastomer (e.g., silicone) or a liquid-filled device that has an outer shell with a hollow lumen, a liquid (e.g., saline) filler; and a patch to seal the shell once it is filled during the surgical procedure just before implantation. Testicular implants are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Testicular implants are used to provide or restore normal physical appearance (e.g., for cosmetic reasons) in patients with loss (e.g., trauma, illness) or absence of one or both testicles; they are not intended for functional replacement of the testicles.

Entry Terms : "Testicular Implants" , "Prostheses, Testicular" , "Prostheses, Testicle" , "Cosmetic Implant/Prostheses"

UMDC code : 13172

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