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Definition : Furniture typically consisting of a single seat without back or arms, usually designed for healthcare personnel use while performing an examination or other clinical procedure (e.g., surgical, dental, anesthesiology) include armrests and/or a backrest. Most stools are movable, and many include casters. Note: In definitions commonly found in dictionaries, a chair is a seat with a back that may include arms or not, and a stool is a seat without a back or arms; but it is a common practice in medical furniture literature to use a chair when the furniture is designed for patient use and a stool for furniture typically used by the healthcare personnel (I.e., physicians, nurses, dentists), regardless of whether it has a backrest or arms. This convention has been used consistently in the development of all the stool and chair terms. Some stools are designed specifically for use in magnetic resonance imaging [MRI] environments, i.e., MRI-compatible adjustable stools, and are made from nonmagnetic materials so that they can be safely used in an MRI suite.

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