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Stimulators, Caloric, Vestibular Function

Definition : Caloric stimulators that apply a stream of air or water to the ear canal. Vestibular function stimulators consist of an irrigation system that includes a pump, valves, heaters, and regulators to control the rate of flow and temperature of the fluid. The stimulation of the semicircular canal produces involuntary eye movements, which are measured using a nystagmograph. These stimulators are used for vestibular function testing in assessing the patient's balance system.

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Micromedical Technologies Inc

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Micromedical is the recognized leader in vestibular and balance testing instrumentation with 25 years of experience.

Neuro Kinetics Inc

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Neuro Kinetics, Inc. (NKI) is the world leader in eye tracking technology and non-invasive neuro-otologic diagnostic testing. Central to our I-Portal product mix and technological advances is the premise that the eye is the portal to the brain. Research has shown the detection of abnormal eye movements can indicate the presence of over 200 diseases and medical conditions.

1-2 of 2 Match(es).