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Scrub Suits

Definition : Garments designed to be worn by personnel and visitors in hospitals or other healthcare facilities. These suits typically consist of two pieces of lightweight fabric apparel (i.e., a shirt and pants). Some scrub suits are one-piece body suits with long sleeves and full-length pant legs which can be worn over clothing. Scrub suits are made of either reusable woven or disposable nonwoven materials. They are easy to launder and inexpensive to replace if damaged or stained irreparably. Scrub suits are mainly intended to provide a clean barrier in sterile and other clinical treatment environments such as emergency rooms, labor and delivery areas, and intensive care units. To prevent people from carrying infectious materials on their clothing into these environments, medical and facilities personnel, as well as visitors, are often required to change into clean scrub suits before entering the area. Some healthcare facilities also require the wearer to change out of the used scrub suit before leaving certain areas of the facility to help prevent the spread of infectious materials out of those areas.

Entry Terms : "Garments, Surgical Scrub" , "Surgical Scrub Garments" , "Scrub Garments" , "Medical Staff Scrubs" , "Surgical Isolation Suits"

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