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Scanning Systems, Computed Tomography

Definition : Scanning systems that use a radiographic technique and computerized processing to generate thin cross-sectional (tomographic) images, or "slices" of a transverse plane of the body. Most computed tomography (CT) scanning systems are capable of three-dimensional (3-D) image reconstruction. During a scan, the x-ray beam is moved across the patient so that the x-ray attenuations along many lines in the tissue slice can be determined and stored in a computer. A CT scanning system consists of an x-ray subsystem (i.e., x-ray generator, x-ray tube, gantry); a computer subsystem, including software for image processing, display monitors, and a data storage unit; and an operator console. The set of tomographic images of the human body reconstructed by the computer are used for a wide variety of medical procedures and examinations.

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