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Definition : Devices primarily designed for recording data, waveforms, and other graphic, sound, or visual information of physical or physiologic events for examination after the events have occurred. Recorders usually consist of an electromechanical or electronic device that includes amplifiers, data processors, and memory (e.g., electronic, optical, magnetic tape) to store the information. Some recorders may include a display and/or integral printers; other recorders provide output to computers for analysis of the recorded information employing dedicated software. Most recorders include external slots and/or connectors for compact, magneto-optical, or digital versatile disks and/or external memory cards. Recorders using an external tape (e.g., cassette) memory or a rotatory cylinder (i.e., chart recorders) are less frequently used. Recorders used in healthcare are mostly intended to assess the physiologic parameters of people (i.e., physiologic recorders), to record data on healthcare equipment performance (e.g., IVD equipment) and/or on environmental characteristics inside healthcare facilities.

Entry Terms : "Recorders, Long-Term" , "Long-Term Recorders"

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