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Purified Water Storage/Delivery Systems, Laboratory

Definition : Laboratory systems designed to store water that is relatively free from chemical and/or organic contaminants, particles, and microorganisms (i.e., purified water) and to subsequently deliver it through pipes for use in a clinical laboratory. These systems typically include a stand-alone unit with a sealed water reservoir, filters, and a pump for water delivery; the system may also include additional means (e.g., ultraviolet light) to prevent the growth of and/or eliminate microorganisms. Systems with capacities ranging from a few hundred to several thousand liters (approximately 20 to 1,000 gallons) are available. Intended for clinical laboratory use when pure water is needed, these systems are not intended to store class I, deionized, and/or sterile water due to some degree of contamination that is always present in stored water.

UMDC code : 23425

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