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Definition : Functional, reconstructive, and/or cosmetic artificial or, less frequently, biological passive replacements for missing, disabled, or abnormal tissues, organs, or other body parts. These devices may be externally attached to the body (e.g., nose, earlobe, upper limb, denture) or totally or partially implanted (e.g., joint prosthesis, ossicles). Prostheses intended for insertion into tubular body structures (e.g., biliary duct, ureter) to provide support and/or to maintain patency are usually called stents or endoprostheses; implantable prosthetic devices intended mainly for passive replacement of body parts (e.g., tooth root, ureter) are usually known as implants. Dedicated prostheses are available in many different sizes, shapes, and materials. They are used mainly in orthopedic (e.g., limbs, joints), cardiac (e.g., valves, heart ventricles), and other surgical procedures; to improve a patient's capabilities (e.g., dentures, eye lenses); and for reconstructive and/or cosmetic purposes (e.g., facial and body muscle enhancements).

Entry Terms : "Artificial Organs"

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