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Definition : Instruments designed to measure pelvic dimensions, either externally (e.g., to determine the external perimeter) or internally through the vagina, usually to measure the diameters of the pelvic cavity (e.g., the anteroposterior diameter of the pelvis inlet, also known as the diagonal conjugate). These instruments are typically manual, handheld instruments; dedicated curved calipers (i.e., Martin and Collyer pelvimeters) and, less frequently, transparent rulers are also used. Other auxiliary instruments (e.g., graduated metal rulers) are also used for indirect pelvis cavity measurements using the examiner's fingers. Pelvimetry is also frequently performed using imaging methods, including x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging, and/or ultrasound. Multipurpose curved calipers used for breadth (anthropometric) measurements (e.g., thorax, abdomen, pelvis) are also used as external pelvimeters.

Entry Terms : "Vaginometers"

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