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Pacemakers, Cardiac

Definition : Pacemakers designed to apply a repetitive electrical stimulus to regulate the rhythm of the heart. These stimulators include electronic circuitry that produces electrical pulses and senses the cardiac activity; they may be line powered, or battery powered either using internal batteries or through attached modular batteries. Pacemakers can deliver the electrical stimulus either in fixed-rate mode (asynchronous), demand mode (synchronous), or both. They may apply their stimulus to only one of the heart chambers (most frequently to the ventricle), but some pacemakers pace both the ventricle and the atrium (dual chamber or universal pacing). These stimulators are used to restore normal heart rate, inducing depolarization and stimulating myocardial contraction when the hearts own pacing or conduction systems have been impaired.

Entry Terms : "Cardiac Pacemaker Generators" , "Stimulators, Electrical, Cardiac, Pace" , "Cardiac Stimulators" , "Pulse Generators" , "Stimulators, Cardiac" , "Pacemakers, Heart" , "Heart Pacers" , "Cardiac Pacemakers"

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