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Definition : Devices designed for external modification of the structural and/or functional characteristics of the whole body or a body part (i.e., orthoses), usually pertaining to the neuromuscular and/or skeletal systems. These devices support, supplement, and/or align the neuromuscular or skeletal system Orthoses are intended for physical medicine, physical therapy, and rehabilitation treatments, frequently associated with orthopedic procedures. These devices are usually classified according to the physical (anatomic) body part where they are applied (e.g., head, spine, thorax, lower or upper limb); the function of the orthoses (e.g., immobilization, support, therapeutic, functional); and the physical characteristics (e.g., shape, consistency) and/or material used to make the orthosis (metal, plastics or a combination of these). Dedicated orthoses, either standard or custom made, intended for a particular body part and/or function are available. They are commonly known as supports, slings, belts, splints, braces, and immobilizers.

Entry Terms : "Orthotics" , "Training Orthoses" , "Orthopedic Foot Appliances" , "Braces, Orthopedic"

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