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Orthopedic Cement/Bone Cutting/Extraction Systems

Definition : Systems designed for cutting, removal, and extraction of bone and/or orthopedic acrylic cement (typically polymethyl methacrylate [PMMA]) from a previously implanted prosthesis during orthopedic procedures. These systems typically consist of dedicated powered devices such as electric or pneumatic handpieces and burs or ultrasonic devices, handpieces, and probes either for cutting bones or breaking cement (e.g., plugs). The systems may also include irrigation devices, vacuum devices with appropriate suction tubes and filters to extract cement/bone fragments, and endoscopic video systems. Orthopedic bone and cement cutting and extraction systems are used to cut and remove bone fragments during orthopedic procedures (e.g., prosthesis implantation) and/or to remove cement (e.g., mantle, plug) during the removal of old prostheses in revision surgery (e.g., replacement) of hip, knee, and other cemented orthopedic prostheses.

Entry Terms : "Cement Extraction Systems"

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