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Definition : Ophthalmic instruments designed to measure the amount of misalignment of the eyes (strabismus). Automated instruments use light sources, light sensors, and data analyzers to produce images and measure the light reflection from the corneas, as well as the pupils of both eyes; manual instruments typically consist of an illuminated screen that presents light stimuli, the examinee wears special eyeglasses (so the green light stimuli is perceived as red light) and points a handheld laser flashlight at the screen. The examiner performs the assessment by comparing the actual location of the green light and the perceived location of red light by the patient. Ophthalmotropometers are used to detect and assess the magnitude of strabismus.

Entry Terms : "Strabismometers" , "Troposcopes" , "Ophthalmic Measuring Instruments" , "Measuring Instruments, Ophthalmic"

UMDC code : 12820

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