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Needles, Biopsy

Definition : Needles designed to penetrate either into soft tissue and organs or in hard tissues (i.e., bones) to harvest samples for laboratory analysis. These devices usually include two concentric needles, an inner needle with a sharp tip and an outer needle (cannula) to cut and capture the tissue into the specimen notch. Needles including either tips that can be easily visualized using ultrasonic imaging equipment (i.e., echogenic tips) or those specially designed to work under magnetic resonance imaging guidance are available. Biopsy needles are used to obtain histologic information for diagnosis and characterization of suspected malignant lesions; they are frequently attached to special devices designed for biopsy (e.g., biopsy guns).

Entry Terms : "Biopsy Instruments" , "Biopsy Needles" , "Echogenic Needles" , "Special Procedure Needles"

UMDC code : 12734

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