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Molecular Microarrays, Expression Analysis

Definition : Microarrays designed to determine the level (i.e., volume) at which a certain gene is expressed. The packet samples on the microarray spots typically consist of immobilized complementary DNA (cDNA) nucleotides (e.g., DNA fragments known as oligonucleotides) derived from the messenger RNA (mRNA) of known genes (or proteins that are overexpressed or present only with certain disease states). DNA-labeled samples from normal and diseased tissues are hybridized to the array; the intensity of the fluorescence on different spots generates an expression pattern that can be compared to the expression pattern of a known disease. Expression analysis molecular microarrays can be used in the identification of genes related to specific diseases, to follow the progress of diseases (e.g., cancer tumors), and in evaluation of drug effectiveness.

Entry Terms : "Express Gene Microarrays" , "Expression Pattern Molecular Arrays" , "Expression Gene Evaluation Microarrays"

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