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Lights, Examination, Ultraviolet

Definition : Lights designed to provide radiation mainly in the 100 to 380 nm wavelength range on the area being examined. These ultraviolet (UV) lights typically consist of low-pressure mercury vapor tubes that emit radiations that are invisible to the naked eye; however, when they are emitted from an ultraviolet lamp and directed at the surface of the examined area they are often transformed into visible colors. Most UV examination lights include an optically ground and polished magnifier lens to provide a clearer viewing area. Ultraviolet examination lights are used for observing and diagnosing diseases and injuries to the skin and eye including detection of corneal scratches, foreign bodies, blocked tear ducts, head lice, and fungal and/or bacterial infections. They are used in medical offices, emergency rooms, and other healthcare facilities.

Entry Terms : "Lights, Ultraviolet, Other" , "Lamps, Ultraviolet" , "Lights, Ultraviolet" , "Ultraviolet Examination Lights" , "Ultraviolet Lamps" , "Ultraviolet Lights"

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