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Laser Imagers

Definition : Devices used to produce high-resolution multi-format films directly from image data acquired during procedures that involve imaging (such as CT, MRI, ultrasound, digital radiography, and digital photospot fluoroscopy). Typical components of a laser imaging system include a laser, a controlling computer, an optional film processor, and an interface to the imaging system or host computer. Most laser imagers use standard wet film processing to develop the laser-sensitive film, which has an emulsion of silver halide particles embedded in a gelatin matrix; some use special dry-processing methods. Laser imagers permit diagnosis to be made from a hard copy rather than from an electronic image on a CRT screen, they are not used to digitize film images.

Entry Terms : "Dry Laser Printers" , "Laser Film Printers" , "Laser Cameras" , "Recorders, Laser Film"

UMDC code : 17679

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