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Humidifiers, Artificial Airway, Heated

Definition : Humidifiers designed to add moisture and heat to the gases flowing in the inspiratory artificial airways and into the lungs. The humidifiers are inserted in the inspiratory lines typically leading from the outlet of a critical care or anesthesia ventilator. These humidifiers can introduce the moisture either by forcing the incoming gas through a heated reservoir of sterile water (bubble-through units) or by passing the incoming gas over a wet surface (pass-over units) or heated pool of water. Artificial airway humidifiers are intended for use when an artificial airway supplies air through devices such as tracheostomy or endotracheal tubes, bypassing the normal warming and humidification of respired gases.

Entry Terms : "Artificial Airways Heated Humidifiers" , "Heated Humidifiers" , "Humidifiers, Heated"

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