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Glove Boxes, Isolation, Controlled Atmosphere, Anaerobic

Definition : Controlled atmosphere glove boxes designed to provide an enclosure with a very low level of oxygen and humidity. These devices usually deliver a continuous gas (e.g., carbon dioxide) flow at a slightly high pressure to prevent oxygen and humidity from entering the box; they also include transfer chambers to facilitate the introduction of materials and/or devices with minimal compromise of the glove box atmosphere, inlet and outlet valves to establish and maintain the controlled atmosphere, pressure monitors, and a vacuum pump for the transfer chamber. Some anaerobic glove boxes include incubators either inside or attached to the main chamber to promote growth of cultured organisms. Anaerobic isolation glove boxes are used for oxygen sensitive (anaerobic) tests, either using organic or biochemical materials.

Entry Terms : "Glove Boxes, Anaerobic, Isolation" , "Anaerobic Isolation Glove Boxes"

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