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Flowmeters, Urine

Definition : Flowmeters designed to measure the rate of urine flow from a patient, typically by delivering spontaneous urination through a special funnel or from an indwelling bladder catheter that is connected to the flowmeter. Some instruments can also determine volume, peak flow, delay, voiding times, and maximum and average flow rates. These flowmeters typically include a mechanical or electromechanical measuring unit, probes with appropriate transducers that are frequently placed at the base of a commode chair, urine collection reservoirs (usually for urine volume measurement), a funnel, and a graphic display. Urinary flowmeters may be intended for measurement during normal urination and/or from an indwelling catheter. Disposable single-piece flowmeters intended to facilitate patient self-evaluation of urinary constriction or obstruction are also available; they typically consist of a transparent tube with a profiled orifice at the base. Urine flowmeters help in the evaluation of the lower urinary tract function and/or in determining whether normal urine flow is obstructed.

Entry Terms : "Urine Flowmeters" , "Uroflowmeters" , "Urinometers" , "Urinary Collection Units, Precision Measurement" , "Urine Meters"

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