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Exercisers, Breathing, Spirometry

Definition : Breathing exercisers designed to increase and measure the capabilities of the lungs, such as the maximum volume of gas that can be expired from the lungs (i.e., expiratory vital capacity [EVC]) and/or the maximum volume of gas that can be inspired into the lungs (i.e., the inspiratory vital capacity [IVC]). These devices are a spirometer with a mechanism that adds resistance to the respiratory effort (also known as an incentive spirometer). Patients perform the respiratory exercise by inhaling with the additional effort needed to overcome the device resistance; typically, one or more balls provide a visual measure of inhalation effort. Respiratory exercisers using spirometry techniques are intended mainly for use before and/or after pulmonary procedures; some devices employ spoken or auditory prompts to increase patient usage and provide assistance and guidance.

Entry Terms : "Spirometry Exercisers" , "Exercisers, Pulmonary" , "Incentive Spirometers" , "Spirometers, Incentive" , "Respiratory Bottles" , "Blow Bottles"

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