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Exercisers, Aerobic, Rowing

Definition : Aerobic exercisers designed to simulate the motions of rowing (i.e., propelling a boat forward using oars). These exercisers usually consist of a chain or belt drive, glide wheels, pivot handlebars or a rope-pull system that simulates oars, and a seat that can slide back and forth mounted on rollers; the resistance is provided by pneumatic, hydraulic, or electromagnetic mechanisms. Rowing exercisers usually include workout program modes that can adjust resistance and a monitor to display the number and speed of strokes, workout time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate; some may have heart-rate controls to adjust resistance level to suit the targeted heart rate. Rowing exercisers are intended to increase cardiovascular endurance by keeping the heart and pulmonary rate elevated for a continuous period of time. Additionally, they provide strength and endurance to the muscles in the arms, shoulders, abdomen, back, and legs.

Entry Terms : "Rowing Units" , "Rowing Machines" , "Rowing Exercisers" , "Exercisers, Rowing" , "Rowers"

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