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Enclosures, Aerosol Treatment

Definition : Isolation treatment chambers designed for administration of hazardous aerosols. These chambers typically consist of a sealed rigid device, which encloses the patient's head and/or head and upper torso, with an exhaust system that protects the nearby environment by capturing airborne contaminants. The exhaust system usually includes germicidal ultraviolet lights and several filters, such as carbon and/or high-efficiency particulate-air filters, permitting the release of cleaned air back into the room. Hazardous aerosol treatment chambers are used for control of contaminated air during administration of hazardous aerosolized medication (e.g., treatment of Pneumocystis carinii using pentamidine therapy) and/or for sputum induction.

Entry Terms : "Aerosol Drug Treatment Enclosures" , "Aerosol Treatment Enclosures" , "Tents, Aerosol Administration"

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