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Electrodes, Electrosurgical

Definition : Electrodes designed to deliver or receive radiofrequency (RF) electric current to body tissues from electrosurgical units (ESUs). Electrosurgical electrodes can apply monopolar or bipolar current; bipolar ESUs have two active electrodes that can deliver RF energy to the tissues to be ablated while monopolar ESUs have one active electrode and a passive (return or dispersive) electrode which only functions to close the electric circuit loop. The current is delivered in a closed circuit that includes an RF generator located in the electrosurgical unit; insulated cables; active electrodes that are usually a component of a handpiece; patient tissues; and one or more return (dispersive) electrodes attached to the skin when using monopolar ESU. The current circulation is controlled using hand or foot controllers (switches); some active electrode handpieces include mechanisms for smoke evacuation. Electrosurgical unit electrodes are used in procedures intended to cut tissues, stop bleeding, and/or for tissue fusion.

Entry Terms : "Electrosurgical Electrodes"

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