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Definition : Cardiographs used for recording ultrasonic waves directed through the heart and reflected backwards (i.e., echoed). These instruments consist of a main unit that includes an RF generator, a recorder, and detachable probes with ultrasonic transducers (typically piezoelectric) located in a housing at the distal tip that are connected to the recorder through an integral cable. The transducers convert electrical signals into ultrasonic signals and vice versa; they are placed externally on the ribs (a transthoracic [TTE]) and other areas of the upper abdomen to send the ultrasonic signal towards the heart and to detect the echoed signal. The signal is then converted into moving pictures showing the beating heart, heart valves, and other structures of the heart. Echocardiographs capable of showing two- and/or three-dimensional pictures of the heart, as well as devices based on the Doppler effect to record the movement of the blood through the heart are also available. Dedicated probes, less frequently used, intended for placing inside the esophagus (transesophageal cardiogram [TEE]) are also available. Echocardiographs are used for evaluation of recorded information of the heart conditions; they are not intended for real-time assessment of the cardiac conditions.

Entry Terms : "Echocardiography Scanners" , "Recorders, Echocardiographic" , "Echocardiographic Recorders" , "Doppler Devices"

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