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Earlobe Piercing Guns

Definition : Instruments designed for mechanical piercing the lobe of the ear auricle (i.e., the earlobe). These instruments are typically devices resembling a gun which include a mechanism that forces a sharpened point (usually a starter earring) through the earlobe. Earlobe piercing guns come in both disposable and reusable models that are primarily of two different designs. Disposable devices typically include a spring that stores potential energy; a starter earring and its matching friction back are placed in opposite parts of the instrument. When the earlobe is placed between the two parts and the spring is released, the instrument closes with enough pressure to force the sharpened stud of the earring through the earlobe, engaging it to a friction back. Reusable devices are very similar in design, but the detachable stud and clasp holders are provided sterile and entirely disposable to avoid cross-contamination. Some devices use the energy of the handgrip of the operator rather than spring energy; earlobe piercing guns are only intended for piercing the ear lobe.

Entry Terms : "Perforators" , "Perforators, Other" , "Guns, Earlobe Piercing" , "Perforators, Earlobe"

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