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Dilators, Urethral

Definition : Dilators designed for mechanically augmenting the diameter (caliber) of urethra. These dilators usually consist of a long thin metal rod with either a round or flat distal end. Urethral dilators with a more pronounced curve at the end as well as very pronounced tips are available; longer double-ended urethral dilators with rounded and slightly bent ends are also available. There is a great variety of dilators according to the procedure to be performed and the sex of the patient. Urethral dilators are mainly used by urologists to be inserted into the male or female urethra, for the purpose of stretching or unblocking a stricture.

Entry Terms : "Dilators, Renal Tract" , "Minimally Invasive Procedure Dilators" , "Urethral Dilators"

UMDC code : 11265

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