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Dialyzers, Hemodialysis, Hollow-Fiber

Definition : Dialyzers designed to perform blood dialysis, a procedure that combines the separation of molecules with different characteristics through a semi -permeable membrane (diffusion) and the simultaneous movement of fluid through the membrane under imposed pressure gradients (ultrafiltration), with the membrane in the form of hollow fibers. These dialyzers typically consist of cylindrical containers with several hundreds or thousands of longitudinally arranged hollow-fiber capillary tubes; the tube walls work as a semi-permeable membrane. Blood enters and exits through the ends of the hollow fibers and travels through their lumens, while the dialysate flows through the container outside of the fibers. Hollow fiber hemodialysis dialyzers are used to cleanse a patient's blood from impurities caused by acute failure or more frequently chronic malfunction of the kidneys; they are the most common type of dialyzer in current hemodialysis machines. Dedicated high-permeability (also known as high-flow) hollow fiber dialyzers using large-pore membranes are also available.

Entry Terms : "Hollow-Fiber Dialyzers"

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